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Terms and conditions for owners and agents

We advise you to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions
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We kindly ask you to read carefully the following Terms and Conditions, as we do not ask you to sign a contract but to fully understand the below  in order to avoid any misunderstandings and to preserve your rights, so please read them very carefully. We reserve the right, at its discretion to change, update or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions during its review period.
Holiday Footprints takes no responsibility for any claims what so ever for guests staying at owners villas as we are merely a marketing agent for the owners of the properties advertising on this website.
As  our apartments and villas are owned by you as a private owner we therefore offer these properties for holiday rental on your behalf. Any complaints will be passed to you as  the owner of the property / or to your manager for your response as we are a marketing intermediary and are unable to refund or compensate for any claims of any nature. The payment is made to you 8 weeks prior to  arrival less our marketing / administration fee and its your sole responsibility to have the correct insurance in place for any holiday rentals offered by Holiday Footprints
By accepting payment into your account or agents/managers accounts) you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions.
It is the property owners who must ensure that all Cypriot licenses are in place and up to date and by agreeing to our terms and conditions promise that this has been adhered to.
When an offer of confirmation is sent to an owner for the price quoted by  Holiday Footprints please note this is the final sum to be paid out and no negotiation of any further credits can be entered into once the booking has been accepted. This is the full and final settlement to be paid to the owner 8 weeks before the arrival  of the guest and no further correspondence on the pay out settlement figure can be entered in to.


To ensure that your property is available at the time that the booking is made.
Once informed of a booking you undertake not to let it to anyone else for the period of the booking or to cancel any pre-agreed bookings.
You will ensure that the property is clean and tidy.
You will ensure that all the appliances of whatever nature are in good and working order.
You will ensure that at all times you will have the necessary insurance in place, covering contents, buildings and third party insurance.
You will ensure that you provide a full information pack, which includes all instructions on how to work the appliances and contact telephone numbers in case of problems/emergencies.
All appliances must be safe and under the current Health and Safety Regulations.
You will ensure that there is enough linen for a week and that there is a contract in place to arrange for a weekly production of clean linen if requested. This is extra and payable on resort by the guest unless otherwise agreed.
You will inform us immediately if you wish to remove the property from our website for whatever reason. You are however  liable for any bookings you have pre-accepted in good faith!
To comply with all local regulations in respect of the appliances.
You will provide us with the details of the people who you have employed to carry out the cleaning of the property
You will immediately inform us if you take another booking from elsewhere or if the property is unavailable for any period of time.
By advertising your property on our website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Rental payment to villa/apartment  owners will be made in full  2 months  prior to the guest arriving as per the offer letter sent prior to accepting the booking – Please note these are our terms and conditions.
By accepting bookings you are adhering to the terms and conditions on this section and must have all the necessary insurance / legal documentation / licenses etc in place.
As a marketing intermediate Holiday Footprints accepts no responsibility for claims by guests booking on this website for your property … We accept the information given to us by the landlord of the advertised property   as true and is put on the website in good faith and needs at all times to be checked and updated by yourselves. We must be advised of any building works or other changes / nuisances to the property listed and area. All complaints will be forwarded to yourselves and must be dealt with direct between you and the the client booking your property.

By receiving payment for a booking you are entering into  a contract between yourself and your guest and as an intermediate Holiday Footprints will take no responsibility for any issues or complaints relating to your property or surrounding area.

Villa Referral Paid Commissions

If your villa is full and you wish to refer a  holiday maker  to our website and we secure a booking as the result of your actions then we pay out the following commission once the final deposit has been paid:-
A set €50 euros per week to a third party for a referral that is booked in the Spring / Summer months April – Sept inclusive and €25 euros per week for the Winter/ Autumn  months  Oct – March inc.
Apartments and townhouses are 50% less.
Please advise me of any names of referrals you are sending to us so that we can make a note of any secured bookings in order to pay out your commission.

Payment to your account — Flexibility on Currency

Holiday Footprints has the currency of the rates show as  Sterling and euros for various villas. Both the English and foreign  guests  gets the option to pay in either currency so despite a villa being advertised in  Euros  they may well pay in Sterling and vice versa . Even if your offer is in Euros sometimes we cannot be sure which one they will pay us in and therefore  we need flexibility to pay for your booking   either via the UK Internet banking system or direct to a Cyprus Bank account with either a Cypriot cheque or an English cheque. The CURRENCY DIRECT currency converter on the website is right up to date so the amounts can be checked on line that we are transferring to you. We will advise you at the time of payment which method of credit we will be using. It is also possible to bank an English cheque into your euro account here in Cyprus (takes about 2 weeks to clear) so please advise us if this is your preferred method of payment.
By advertising your property on our website you are adhering to our terms and conditions.


Holiday Footprints will always take a damage deposit from the guests booking for up to a fortnights stay through the website for the amount of 200 in which ever currency the holiday has been paid for in. (Please note for bookings over two weeks or large parties over 14 persons then  more will be taken). This will then be retained until the end of the holiday and will not be refunded until the property has been vacated by you or your management company and inspected for items lost, stolen or damaged. In cases where by these funds have to be used to replace/purchase any items it is the discretion of the company to action any such instructions in order to restore the property back to its original state. In all cases as near to possible the said item will be replaced like for like with the original. By accepting payments for the holiday bookings you are adhering to our terms and conditions. Any damages over and beyond the amount of damage deposit taken is the responsibility of the owner of the property and not of Holiday Footprints due to the risk factor in renting the property out although in all cases recovery will be attempted to be sort from the offending guests no guarantee can be given or compensation be sort after from the company. We therefore strongly suggest adequate contents insurance be taken out on all holiday accommodation to cover such unfortunate circumstances.


It is the owners of the properties sole responsibility to check on the description of their property on the Footprints website and also on the agreements for the use of the air conditioning which is included. Any errors or changes on the owners properties must be pointed out and will be corrected. Including any items listed but in fact are not on the premises and descriptions that are inaccurate! We must be advised immediately.
No further correspondence can be entered into as this is the sole responsibility of the owners and by accepting the booking the terms and conditions have been noted and agreed upon.


If you  find a villa to be particularly dirty upon departure resulting in the fact that more time has to be spent to clean and turn it around — Photographs must  be taken and a maximum of £50 will be charged depending on the extent of the condition of the property. Please therefore ensure you ask your  guests( in a laminated sheet left in your property ) to remove all rubbish and place in the bins provided before they  leave the premises.. and clean the BBQ for incoming arrivals !

By accepting the booking form and payment for the holiday you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and no correspondence may be entered in to.



We reserve the right to change the property rental prices to fit the economical climate so they can change at short notice. It is up to the owners to check the website regularly if their property is advertised on there to see if any changes affect them. Unless we hear back from you the prices will reflect the going rates. Not all properties have a advertised rate so this will not apply to them


Check in is always 3pm onward BUT
Please note the check out time of any departure on our confirmation paperwork to them  is 11am sharp,.
It is therefore the landlords priority to make sure the guests leave on time on the day of departure regardless if there is a same day arrival!

Please note that by accepting a booking and receiving payment for a booking you are adhering to these terms and conditions.

You now understand and acknowledge that if you have property either owned or managed by yourself, and is currently advertised on  this website, you are entering into an agreement with us and that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not accept bookings/payments and request the property is duly removed from  Holiday Footprints
Please be advised of the terms and conditions on the Guest section of the website as everything set out in both sections applies to all bookings / reservations made on behalf of  Holiday Footprints
Owners of the property advertised on this website  are responsible for all claims made against them or their  accommodation and by the receiving of payment you are bound by our terms and conditions. Once you have received payment the contract is then between you and your guests as listed on your booking offer.

Every care has been taken in compiling the contents of this web site. All information about  Holiday Footprints  has been provided and reproduced in good faith. We will not be held liable for any errors, omissions, misunderstandings or claims arising from their advertisements or any arrangement or booking made.
All bookings that are made via or direct through Holiday Footprints and any matters arising from them are subject to the Law of Cyprus and to the exclusive jurisdiction law courts of the  Republic of Cyprus.