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Airport travel can be frustrating and time consuming and lead to feelings of anxiety. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you find travelling through airports stressful, here are a few pointers to help you reduce the stress and have an altogether more enjoyable travel experience. By preparing ahead of time you will reduce airport travel hassles. Check your airline’s rules and regulations with regards to items you can and can’t carry onboard and the size and weight of your luggage allowances.

By packing carefully and ensuring that any liquids and items such as scissors are placed in your hold luggage rather than hand luggage, you will save time at the airport security gates. By making sure your luggage is within your airline’s stated size and weight allowance you will avoid any expensive excess fees you may otherwise be charged for. Some airlines require you to check in and print your boarding pass online before coming to the airport. If you fail to do this you will have to pay an administration fee for the airline to print and you will be charged an exorbitant fee for this privilege. Read the information your airline sends you when you book to avoid any unnecessary charges or stressful misunderstandings. Leave for the airport in plenty of time. Allow for two hours at the airport prior to flight time for domestic and European flights and more for international long haul flights. Check-in can have long lines and with security being of paramount importance at airports, the security screening process can be long and laborious. As long as you are prepared for this and have plenty of time, you will be less worried and tense. To make the security gate procedure less painful, have your boarding pass and passport ready, ensure you have any liquid, makeup or toiletries already packed in a clear plastic bag which you can put through the scanner separately. While standing in the line remove any small change and phone from your pockets, plus your watch and place in your hand luggage. Take off your belt and jacket. Wear shoes which can quickly be removed and put back on and if you are carrying a laptop remove it from your bag ready to place in the plastic trays provided. If you are driving to the airport, book airport parking in advance. The online prices are cheaper than the drive in prices so providing you know when you will be travelling, book online ahead of time and save yourself some money. Knowing where you are going to park your car helps to reduce the uncertainty and allows you to plan. Allow plenty of time to take the free shuttle bus from the parking to the airport. If you live a long way from the airport or have an early flight to catch, consider staying at one of the UK airport hotels. Knowing you are already near the airport will reduce the worry of getting stuck in traffic or of your train being delayed. Do as much planning and preparation as you can before you fly and you will find that airport travel becomes much less stressful and may even be a pleasurable experience.

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