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We advise you to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions
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Terms & Conditions

If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with all of the foregoing. you may not access or use our services, or website. We suggest you print a copy of each of these documents for your records.


We kindly ask you to read carefully the following Terms and Conditions in order to avoid any misunderstandings and to preserve your rights, so please read them very carefully. We reserve the right, at its discretion to change, update or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions during its review period.

Holiday Footprints takes no responsibility for any claims what so ever for guests staying at owners villas as we are merely a marketing agent for the owners of the properties advertising on this website.

All our  apartments and villas advertised on this site are owned by private owners and we offer these properties for holiday rental on the owner’s behalf. Any complaints will be passed to the owner or their managers for their response as we are a marketing intermediary and are unable to refund or compensate for any claims of any nature. The payment is made to owner prior to arrival less our marketing/ administration fee and its his responsibility to have the correct insurance in place for holiday rentals.

Code Of Conduct

It is a condition of the rental that you should be considerate in your behaviour and keep noise levels to a reasonable level so as not to interfere with the enjoyment of either other holidaymakers or the residents. Failing to do so will result in us asking to leave your accommodation with immediate effect with no refund permitted.


The pool is cleaned and chemically balanced every week for your safety and comfort. However, on rare occasions it may be necessary to apply extra chemicals to the pool. Should this occur during your stay, it will be necessary for you to stay out of the pool for a period for safety reasons. Guests may use the pool and spa at their own risk. They should always observe the safety rules listed on the notice displayed in the pool area. The pool is NOT to be used by children without adult supervision and any accidents whatsoever resulting in injury or death is not the responsibility of the landlords or Holiday Footprints and no claims can be entered in to under any circumstances.

Please be aware you are asked to SHOWER BEFORE USING THE POOL at all times. Failing to do so with result in the water becoming very cloudy and unhygienic due to sun tan oil / cream in the water. If the quality of the water becomes so poor due tovarious sun products then it may lead to the pool to become out of operation until the water has been treated and chemically balanced and safe to swim in again. Any extra costs for this service will be charged to the owners and may well be deducted from your damage deposit. No compensations can be sort after for any pool out of action due to sun cream abuse. Please therefore SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL at all times to ensure crystal clean water and a perfectly chemically balanced pool.

Pool depths may vary but will comply to the regulations of the country you are visiting  -please enquire for the depth of your booking if this is concern to you.

Guests and Owners

All villa names are used for marketing the properties solely by Holiday Footprints ,  and might differ from names used by other marketing companies or the villa owners.

Conditions Abroad

Abroad customs, habits and lifestyles may be different. You may find domestic, farm and wild animals in the vicinity and associated noise, smell and droppings. Insects (including stinging/biting insects), spiders and rodents do find their way into properties. These are local prevailing conditions totally outside our control for which we cannot accept any liability. Cuts in water and electricity supplies may occur at any time without warning. We cannot be held responsible for technical problems with the property/facilities or technical/chemical problems with pools, or any problems with any electrical appliance as a result of interruption to the electricity supply. Swimming pools and gardens do have to be maintained and this may occur during your stay without notice. Notice of fetes, festivals and local celebrations or events is not automatically given and may result in increased levels of traffic and subsequent noise. We cannot be held responsible for any seasonal increase in traffic levels, noise or disturbance. Building or road works may take place in the vicinity of the property. We cannot accept responsibility for noise or disruption caused by any of these events.

Important Notes

  • Compensation arrangements DO NOT apply to circumstances beyond our control. We can cancel your holiday in the following circumstances: war, threat of war, riots, civil strikes, or terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, airport closure, bad weather conditions and similar events beyond our control. In such circumstances, no refunds will be given whatsoever.
  • Spain and Cyprus are still  developing countries and some construction work in certain areas is possible. We do our best to check on proposed building work. If we are informed that construction work is to take place within the immediate vicinity of the villa and we feel that this could cause disturbance and spoil the enjoyment of the villa and its amenities we will do our utmost to inform you before you travel.
  • We will not pay compensation if you or we decide to cancel. Our decision on whether any work taking place will or will not cause disruption is final.
  • For bookings/stays over 2 weeks, we must be notified in writing within the first 48 hours of any problems/complaints else no kind of compensation will be made. You must request to be moved (see notes below). In all cases the claim will be forwarded to the owner of the property and the dispute must be taken up with him or his managers direct as he will have received the payment for the booking and has agreed with the terms and conditions set out on this website. However without a complaint reference number obtained no such claim will be forwarded to the landlord (see notes below)
  • We cannot be held responsible for any traffic noise on public roads or lanes and who uses them as this is totally beyond our control. Some villas are not totally private and although detached, some are situated close together. We are also not responsible for any entertainment noises/music that may come from nearby hotels as this is unfortunately out of our control and therefore no compensation can be sort after.
  • The accommodation provided is reserved exclusively for the people named on the booking form and no other persons are permitted to use the villa and it’s amenities without our prior written permission, and, or stay in the accommodation unless this has been agreed with us in writing and appropriate payments (if applicable).
  • Should you or any member of your party be responsible for any breakages, loss or damage of any item of the property or additional cleaning has been necessary, the amount will be deducted from your damage deposit  and proof of a receipt of the items will be sent to you via email . This is a very rare event and to date since 2007 98 % damages have been refunded on time to guests bank accounts.
  • At all times during your holiday you are expected to have consideration for your neighbours and other third parties.
  • If in opinion of ourselves or our local representative, on site, accommodation owner or other person in authority, you appear to be behaving in such a way to cause danger, distress, or damage to the property, either the owner or ourselves concerned may terminate your holiday arrangements and will be asked to leave the premises with immediate effect.
  • In this event we will have no further liability to you and will not be responsible for any expenses you incur, any refund or compensation. In addition you will be responsible for any additional expenses we may incur as a result of your behaviour.
  • In the rare event of a complaint regarding the villa or its amenities whilst you are in resort, please contact us as your representative in Cyprus/Spain immediately. The telephone number will be made available to you on arrival at your villa. When visited by a member of staff regarding your complaint you will be given a special reference number by our representative on site which then must be used for future correspondence.
  • The resort representative will do his/her best to rectify any problem as soon as possible, however if the complaint cannot be overcome having spoken to him/her in your resort, you may put your complaint in writing (with the relevant complaint reference number) to Holiday Footprints, within 14 days of your return to the UK. They will respond to your letter within 21 days of receipt. We regret that complaints other than by letter or email cannot be accepted and MUST have the relevant complaint reference number mentioned previously above. We also must have already received a formal complaint in writing within 48 hours of your arrival and a complaint number already been allocated for us to enter into any further correspondence.
  • We believe the content and description of the villas to be accurate and true. However sometimes the information we are given from our owners maybe slightly incorrect. If there are any significant changes to facilities or errors in the description we will do our best to inform you before you travel.
  • In some villas with 4 or more bedrooms, one or more of the bedrooms may be located in the basement or ground level floor; all bedrooms may not be situated on the same level as each other.
  • Holiday Footprints cannot accept responsibility for the sudden failure of villa equipment but will take immediate reasonable action to rectify any such failure upon notification to the management company on site by the guests. Remember this is not the UK and nothing gets done immediately!
  • We do not accept any responsibility in respect of: DEATH, BODILY INJURY, or ILLNESS of any person taking our property rentals on this website, therefore we strongly recommend that you and all your party take out fully comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking.
  • Please remember that during your stay the accommodation you are renting is someone’s home and should be respected. You are responsible for any breakages, losses or damage that may occur and payment will be sought at the end of your stay.
  • MOBILITY PROBLEMS:At the time of booking your accommodation or during the duration of the booking process any recent operations,disabilities or mobility problems whatsoever must be declared to us immediately as we will require proof your travel insurance has been advised and updated to proceed with the reservation. If we feel that the accommodation you have booked is then unsuitable or your circumstances have changed or we have not been advised upon booking confirmation of your holiday or thereafter, since the situation has changed in your mobility, your accommodation will be cancelled without question and your deposit/balance forfeited or if at all possible you may be offered suitable accommodation which could result in a different price but part deposit under these circumstance will more than likely transferred but only as a goodwill gesture. Under no circumstances will your booking proceed unless we have written proof from your travel insurance you or any members of your party are covered for recent operations and/or mobility problems.It is completely at the discretion of the owner as to to whether the mobility problems will be a issue at their accommodation. They are in their rights to withdraw from the booking and no claims whatsoever will be made upon our company or the owners/agents of the accommodation you have booked due to your existing mobility or illness problem. Please be aware you must be fully covered in all cases for any accidents or incidents relating to mobility in and around the accommodation on this website. We remind you by transferring any payments you are adhering to our terms and conditions.If you have to cancel your holiday before you have paid the final balance, and providing your balance due date for the final payment has not ceased, then your deposit can be fully credited to a new booking on the website subject to availability dates on your new choice of accommodation and providing the amount of the holiday is not less than the original booking. There is an administration fee of £200 GBP in all circumstances and this will be added to the revised booking. The original deposit will be credited to the new booking and any difference owing must be paid immediately. Please note that this offer is subject to a time limit of 24 hours DEADLINE after your cancellation dated via email, and the new holiday must be booked to commence no later than 12 months after the original departure date.If the final balance date has lapsed then no refund or credit will be granted.However if you have to cancel the holiday after the final payment has been made you will need to claim off your travel insurance as all payments received are non refundable under any circumstances at this stage of the booking procedure.Please note all holiday agents have a no deposit refund policy so this is purely a good will gesture on behalf of Holiday Footprints Cyprus Holiday

    Moving your booking to a third party

    In the circumstances where you are not able to take your holiday but have found a third party to take your place then ….

    Both the deposit and balance can be transferable to the third party but always incurs an additional administration fee of £175 gbp which will be added to the amended booking party. Please note: all dates and accommodation prices must be exactly the same as the original booking and any extras i.e. car hire, cots, special requests etc must be added to the balance. This can be done up to a week of the arrival date only. After than no further correspondence will be entered into and the booking will be cancelled.

    We strongly recommend travel insurance to be take out upon paying the first deposit so you are covered for any cancellations. As a marketing intermediate we do not hold deposits or payments as these are transferred immediately upon receipt to the owners or agents involved.

    Reduced deposit terms for bookings

    There is a special deal that you can pay a reduced  deposit on any villas booked for next year….. any please visit our chat room  or email / call us for more information

    The balance of deposit needs to be paid as agreed by our customer services on line so we will work with you on this and can accommodate deadlines to suit you

    Medical / Insurance claims form

    For any insurance or medical forms to be filled in for non arrivals due to illness or for whatever reason unable to travel and stay at the accommodation the fee is £70 GBP.

    Public Transport

    We take no responsibility whatsoever for any of public transport times mentioned on the website. These times are very approximate and will widely vary at different times of the year so therefore definitely cannot be relied upon. Please note this when booking a property on the outskirts without any intention of using a taxi service or hiring a car. No refunds will be given in any circumstances for unreliable public transport on the Island. Please remember by transferring a payment you have read and understood the terms and conditions!

    Car hire

    When this is included in your package please note that the taxi fare is not included as the car will be delivered direct to the villa or apartment. Therefore please see the taxi link on the SERVICES tab for prices and distances. Holiday Footprints only uses ALPHA taxis in Cyprus as their proven record of outstanding customer services allows us to highly recommend them at all times.

    For those who have booked a non inclusive car hire the company will arrange for the hire car to be waiting for your arrival to the airport and in these cases it will be clearly indicated on the booking confirmation.

    If you wish to choose CAR HIRE via our website then the contract for the provision of that hire will be between you and that provider. Usually this is paid for locally upon delivery at the airport or villa and sometimes charged for in with your booking. The discretion to hire any cars on this website is entirely at your own risk and its up to you to enquire and obtain necessary insurances from the car provider at the time of delivery for your own safety and protection. You are responsible for taking sensible precautions for your own safety and for the safety of any children or family members for whom the driver of the Vehicle is solely responsible. Please liaise with the supplier of the car hire company for the relevant Terms and Conditions of your car hire… As once your are given the keys to drive the vehicle you are govern with your contract with the said car hire company or any persons loaning you the car so ask for their insurance policy as Holiday Footprints accepts no liability for hire cars on the Island and is always subject to Cyprus/Spanish  local law and jurisdiction.

    Please remember Holiday Footprints  is a marketing intermediate for the hire cars and properties on this website and sole liability lies with landlords and car providers.


    For the safety and comfort of all our guests, smoking is not permitted within the property. Smokers may do so in the pool/patio area as long as they exercise caution and dispose sensibly.


    No pets are allowed in the villa without written permission.

    Air Conditioning

    Although air con is often included in your booking an electric reading is taking on your arrival and departure date and any over use for the air con will be deducted from the damage deposit. Please always check to see if air conditioning is an extra on your booking confirmation.


    PLEASE BE ADVISED not every room may have an air conditioning unit present so please enquire if this of concern to you. Very often basement bedrooms do not have units for example. Also be advised some properties have timers on the air con units so please ask if this is of concern to you.

    Please note electricity is very expensive on the Island and must not be abused.

    Meter readings are taken prior to arrival and again upon departure. Doors and windows must be kept closed at all times while the air conditioning units are in operation for them to be effective. Excessive use of air con units being left running whilst out of the property will be charged accordingly and taken from the holding deposit without further warning. Please therefore ensure all units are turned OFF when not in the property as its very costly and not necessary to leave them running to cool the rooms down when the property is unoccupied. Spot checks are being done all the time so please adhere to this request at all times to prevent further costs being applied.


    It is not necessary to leave air conditioning units to cool the room down for your return and whilst you are not in the property as they are an instant cooler once switched on .

    Our staff are on site 24/7 and any units left unattended may well result in access charges being taken from the damage deposit. Meter readings are taken before and after your visit so any over usage whilst out the of villa is payable without question. please therefore only use the units whilst in residence and with all doors and windows closed tightly to be effective and cost efficient.

    Sky TV

    Where Sky TV is advertised at being available in the villas on the website please note that this is only subject to its availability signal at the accommodation you are staying at. Sky TV is very unpredictable here and sometimes goes off for days at a time. This is out of our control so please note this when seeing sky advertised. Its advisable to bring DVDs to watch in the worst scenario that the sky is off line. The pubs and bars have a commercial link which is often more reliable and there is always a sports bar or pub showing the SKY abroad


    Please note that on each bed there will be one bath and one hand towel per person.

    As the villas and apartments are self catering it is the guests responsibility to wash the towels as needed in the washing machine that is provided in the accommodation. No other towels will be supplied unless a mid term clean has been booked and paid for in with the booking confirmation. Also we advise all guests to bring their own beach/pool towels as these are not always available in the accommodation and in any case towels must not leave the premises at any time.

    Lost Property

    Any items whatsoever left in the property after tenants/guests have vacated will be kept for 28 days. If not claimed these will be then handed to the local charity shops whatever their value as we are unable to take responsibility and store unclaimed items after this period.

    By signing the contract and exchanging monies you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. We strongly suggest you take our adequate travel insurance to cover for you valuables, credit cards and cash etc.

    Any items that are requested to be posted back to overseas home addresses please note a minimum charge of 55  Euros will be added to the postage for the packaging and delivery to the main post office. An email will be sent to the owners of the property once the item has been posted for immediate payment to our Company . Please note the time limit to which lost property will be held in our care after vacating one of our properties.


    A damage deposit of up to 200 GBP/Euros is payable with the final payment against damage or breakages and will be duly refundable to you within 7 working days of departure into your specified UK / Euro bank account providing no damage to the villa or its contents has occurred.

    The damage deposit is refunded within 7 working days providing there is no damages or breakages on departure and the above form has been completed and received . The maximum time limit in all cases to submit this document is 60 calendar days after departure.Please note its the clients responsibility to check their own bank accounts for the return of the damage deposit and in all cases we must have received the Damage Deposit form duly completed and returned on time. This document is sent out with the original booking confirmation via email. You can download the form here also. The form can also be downloaded at the bottom of this article, in the attachments secion.

    The form will be attached via email to you entitled “BREAKAGES DEPOSIT FORM Ref: BC/ FP/G3”

    The damage deposit is refunded within 7 working days providing there is no damages or breakages on departure and the above form has been completed and received . The maximum time limit in all cases to submit this document is 60 calendar days after departure.

    A larger deposit of up to 500 Euros is taken for the following:

    • Families in excess of 12 persons
    • Bookings over 3 weeks

    In the case we find on inspection after your departure any items damaged or broken and vat invoice will be raised and sent to you and this amount will be taken from your damage deposit. The remainder, if any, will be forwarded to payment to your UK/ Euro bank account. Please report any damages you have had in the property during your stay to administration.

    Refund of Damage Deposit

    After you holiday, and providing all is well in the accommodation, we have the following three methods to refund your damage deposit :-

    • (1) For our British Guests
      Internet banking from Barclay’s Bank UK to another UK account with standard sort code and account number.
    • (2) For our Cypriot / Spanish guests
      We can bank transfer
      NB) For the above two options
      Please complete the damage deposit ref OCH/03 form sent to you with your final booking receipt and return via email within 60 days of your departure to prevent delay in the return of your damage deposit upon departure. Without the form duly completed we are unable to send your refund.If you do not send us the completed form within 60 days of your departure then your damage deposit will be forfeited and non refundable.
    • (3) For our other overseas guests
      We can bank transfer / swift and will require a I ban etc to make the credit or can refund to pay pal

    Condition of rental property on Departure Day

    If we find a villa to be particularly dirty upon departure resulting in the fact that more time has to be spent to clean and turn it around — Photographs will be taken and a minimum of £80  GBP or Euros will be taken from the damage deposit depending on the extent of the condition of the property. Please therefore ensure you remove all rubbish and place in the bins provided before you leave the premises. Each various property is allocated a standard cleaning time and anything over and above an extra one hour will be charged accordingly from your damage deposit together with supported photographic evidence for the Landlords as proof of our overtime claim.

    This also applies to the BBQ. Please make sure this is cleaned after use because if not it will be charged from your damage deposit for a fee of £25/ 30 euros

    By transferring payment for your holiday you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and no correspondence may be entered in to.


    Prices shown on this website are in GBP with no hidden charges apart from what is listed . We reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices of holidays in this website at any time; however, the price of the villa rentals are guaranteed & will not be subject to any price increase once confirmed

    The person who makes the booking will have to accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of all other members of the party and is liable for all payments due from the said members.

    Any alterations to your bookings incur a £60/ Euro fee  arrangement / administration fee – this is a standard fee for cancellations for amendments / alterations etc. All refunds take up to one calendar month to refund.

    Please note if the accommodation has been cancelled by us for any justifiable reason concerning the the comfort and safety of your holiday, and we have subsequently offered you three other villas for the same price and standard but our offer has been declined and a full refund requested, then be advised the £60 administration fee still applies and in all cases will be deducted from your final credit balance without question.

    1. Provisional bookings and holding deposits

    • 1.1 To make a booking for one of our villas or apartments you must contact us either verbally, via e-mail or in writing. We will then send you a booking form to be completed. Once a provisional booking has been accepted by us please confirm in writing or e-mail and also send back the Booking Confirmation form via the website.
    • 1.2 Once received we then require a deposit of up to 30% of the total to secure your booking. You may pay your holding deposit via a bank transfer into our Euro overseas account  OR the Holiday Footprints  Barlcays  UK account sterling). We also company have pay pal or stripe accounts
    • 1.3 Please note the reservation will not be finalised until deposit payment is received and will still be subject to another booking being taken during that time. Whoever pays first will be entitled to the booking and a full refund or alternative accommodation will be offered in all cases where the deposit was received too late and another booking made the credit first. The reason this may happen is  Holiday Footprints  is not the only website these properties are advertised on so it’s first come first serve.

    2. Booking Confirmation

    • 2.1 Once a deposit has been received by us we will send you a booking confirmation letter. This document informs you that we have reserved the accommodation for you with the owners.
    • 2.2 The booking confirmation outlines the dates you have reserved, number of guests and the amount due. (air con costs may also be specified on this document)
    • 2.3 You must check this document and confirm that the details are correct. If you were offered any special discounts for air con, mid-term cleans or welcome packs via e mail before your booking was confirmed please ensure that this information is stated on your booking confirmation. The booking cannot be amended once you are on resort so please check your booking confirmation carefully and confirm if it is correct as this document is a full and final agreement for your holiday
    • 2.4 Your deadline for payment will be outlined on the booking confirmation.


    Booking confirmation form / Numbers of guests.

    A booking confirmation form must be completed in all case at the time of the deposit request. In doing so you are ad-hearing to all the terms and conditions on the website.

    It is necessary to list all the guests who are to be staying at the accommodation and the exact party numbers for each booking. If it found that anyone other than the names on the booking form are sleeping at the booked accommodation when it is already at its full maximum capacity then the extra persons will be asked to leave immediately! Should it be necessary to add/delete persons from the form then please do so by completing a new form and advising us immediately and before your arrival date. Each accommodation states the maximum numbers of beds/sofa beds and apart from a child on a Z bed or babies in cots which we have been prior advised about then no extra group adults over and above the accommodations capacity are permitted over night.

    In all cases we need to be informed of any extra persons… other than listed on the booking form and regardless of the the number of bedrooms booked per capacity available!! We hold the rights to ask the guests to leave if we do not have a listed booking confirmation record of who is exactly staying at the villa!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND BY TRANSFERRING PAYMENT YOU ARE ADHERING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    Holiday Footprints will not enter into any further correspondence regarding this health and safety matter so please advise us of the numbers in the party at all times.

    When the numbers have exceeded the confirmed booking confirmation list then is all cases your damage deposit will be lost and no further correspondence will be entered into. Once it has been seen and noted that extra beds and persons are in the villa over the maximum numbers stated on the booking form please be advised your contract has been abused and broken and no refunds of any nature will be allocated.

    Allocation/Number of guests listed on the booking confirmation

    Please note the quote you are given purely depends on the number of persons you are booking for and not the size of the villa. You must at all times let us know how many persons are arriving as any extra persons will change the price of the holiday and will be charged for ACCORDINGLY. Your original price quoted and offered is purely on the numbers you have given us on the booking confirmation. This changes if the number of guests alters. Any extra charges will be added to your final deposit without any further question. We must be told exactly whom is booked into the accommodation at all times. THESE ARE OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS and no further compensation can be sort thereafter. Please be advised by transferring payment you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

    3. Final Payment

    3.1 Final Payments can be made either by transferring direct into a Spanish bank account (which we can send to you upon request), or via UK Barclays company account, or by pay pal / stripe

    3.2 We will send you a reminder e-mail before the balance is due. If we do not receive this payment by the due date we reserve the right to cancel the booking. We will not send out any further reminders for monies due. In all cases at this point your deposit will be lost. Your booking confirmation will stress all of these facts at the time of securing the reservation and paying a deposit

    3.3 If a final balance payment is received later than the deadline date set on the booking confirmation sent to you from Holiday Footprints  then the accommodation will be immediately offered for re-sale. Should the accommodation be sold whilst waiting for the late payment to arrive alternative accommodation to the same standard and in the same area will be offered where possible. Due to the delay of the final balance being met there will be no refunds made in these circumstances so it’s down to the lead name on the booking confirmation to ensure payments are made by the deadlines set on the booking confirmation receipt.

    3.4 Once your final payment has been received by us we will send you a Final Payment Holiday Receipt. This document will (as with the booking confirmation) detail your holiday dates, lead person’s name, no of guests, Amount paid and any extras that have been booked such as air con, welcome packs, baby equipment hire and mid-term cleans.

    By making an initial deposit you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

    Short Stays

    We are unable to accept bookings for less than 5 nights due to the cost of cleaning the properties upon departure.

    Guests own choice to move accommodation

    In the unlikely situation you are unhappy with your accommodation for personal reasons upon arrival we will do our very best to move you, but all if the costs will be down to you as the guest. First of all the chosen accommodation will have already been paid for in full and is non refundable.. and then there is the additional cost of the new chosen property. Also please note that the package you have booked will not be the same as the new accommodation as all the properties on the website offer different services / amenities! Please refer to the website for what each villa can offer you as they are all completely different and one package cannot be transferred to the other.

    This does not however apply to accommodation that Holiday Footprints has unfortunately, for reasons beyond their control, chosen to relocate the guests upon arrival to the resort for whatever reasons they see fit always having the best interest and safety of the guests at all times.

    Credit card payments

    Please note that CREDIT CARDS payments carry a surcharge of 3% which must be added to the amount that you are paying as this is not shown on your booking confirmation. When paying using a credit card the necessary form will be sent to you for your completion and return.

    Currency payments made is Euro pay pay or  GBP Barclays Uk / stripe credit or debit card

    Please note the confirmation of the final payment on your booking confirmation receipt will usually be in Euros. However if you decide to pay your deposit in GBP (though our designated UK bank account) then you must also pay the balance in the same currency for exactly the same amount set out on your booking receipt. Due to the fluctuations of the Euros the original GBP will therefore be confirmed at the start and will be the same throughout the booking procedure regardless of the euro rate at any time thereafter.

    If paying direct into the Barclays Footprints account in the UK  there is not admin fee


    4. Directions and Key access information

    4.1 Once full and final payment for your holiday has been received you will be sent some important information prior to your arrival.

    4.2 You will be sent instructions on how to book a taxi or Car allocation through our website and you will also be sent directions to the property from your arrival Airport.

    4.3 It is your responsibility to have this information to hand when you arrive

    4.4 You will also be sent key instructions – it is also your responsibility to have this information to hand when you arrive.

    Keys on Departure – Very Important!

    Please ensure you leave the keys in the key box upon your departure for incoming guests.

    Failure to do so will relate in 50 GBP/ euros being deducted from your damage deposit. Just one emergency set is in the office at all times.

    The inconvenience of having to get a guest set cut and the time involved results in this cost. Also on weekends/bank holidays with the office set which has to be given to the incoming guest, if they then locks themselves out, this means we have to call in a lock smith to drill the lock out which is costly.

    Please therefore always leave the key in the box when you leave for the airport.

    Check in and out

    The check in time is 3.00pm for your arrival – and check out is 10am for the day of your departure. If you require a late check-out there is a extra charge of £70 GBP but please note this is not always possible so please check with us — this charge will be added to your booking confirmation. We must be advised if this is requested no less than 14 days before your arrival (see next section).

    Any guests that delay the check out without prior requesting a later check out time will be deducted 25 euros/gbp  per hour and this will be taken from the held damage deposit. Cleaning schedules are very tight especially during the peak summer season and we need the guests to vacate on time for the Housekeepers to turn the property around for the new arrivals.

    Early check in

    The standard check in time is 3pm on your arrival day.

    However and when at all possible any requests for early check in on your arrival day will be allocated and a standard fee of £70/ euros  will be charged.

    It may not be possible to have this facility so please enquire in the first instance and then once allocated please request this on your booking confirmation so it can be confirmed. It may not always be possible to offer this service so please liaise with the booking team for clearance.

    Late check out

    Upon request this is always chargeable at a fee of £70 GBP and in all cases will be added to your final balance nearer the arrival time and not necessarily with your booking confirmation.

    Where there is a last minute booking, for an incoming guest due in on the same day as your departure day, in your existing holiday accommodation then an alternative accommodation will be offered on your last vacation day from mid day until your departure time to the airport. There is no refund for allocating the alternative accommodation at short notice as it may be necessary to ask you to vacate by 12pm on your departure day to allow for the cleaning team to turn around the villa.. as very often there are Chance arrivals without much pre warning… But in all cases possible you will be left in your present accommodation until departure time and as much notice will be given as possible so you can enjoy your last day of your holiday without too much disturbance. Please remember by paying for late check out you are understanding clearly this information as no compensation can be sort on this issue. If an incoming booking is booked at short notice then you will understand this is beyond our control. The alternative accommodation may not be of the same type of accommodation ie if you are staying in a villa you may be allocated an apartment with communal pool. In all cases your comfort and consideration will be of our utmost importance.

    Please be advised that if late check out is permitted then only the persons listed to that villa are permitted to have late check out. It is not allowed to over load the villa with guests from other accommodation to join the party who is having a later check out facility as this will exceed the capacity in the villa and excess use of the pool. Any damages occurring during late check out will be taken from the damage deposit.

    Complimentary Late check out

    In special circumstances and depending on your holiday package guests may request and be granted complimentary late check out. If you have not been charged for a late check out or been notified of the cost @ £70 GBP/ Euros  but have been allocated it on your booking confirmation form, then the latest departure time from your accommodation (if there is an incoming arrival on the same day) will be 1pm to give the housekeeping team time to prepare the property ready for the incoming guests for check in at 3pm. In these cases you will be often offered an alternative courtesy villa or apartment upon your last day. As this is a free service and you have not paid for it then no further correspondence can be entered in to.

    Please note: When the first or last day of your stay is complimentary and is stated as such on your booking form it means this accommodation is free of charge and has not been added to your package price! In some circumstances it may not be possible for you to have your chosen accommodation for these first and final days and so you will be duly offered an alternative property, within the resort or complex to accommodate the numbers in your party for this free nights stay. The fact the accommodation is complimentary will always be written into your booking confirmation so please be aware due to last minute reservations on the resort that can be out of our control, you may well asked to be moved, with reasonable notice, to a different villa or apartment for your complimentary night. Due to the fact this has not been charged for and is a free offer no further correspondence can be entered into under any circumstance.


    Vacating the property before your departure date

    Please advise us if you are vacating the property before your departure day so that we may arrange for the cleaners.

    Please note once vacated for what ever reasons the property will be cleaned and put back on the rental market immediately and no refunds will be granted for the days left on your booking after your departure. Remember it is your choice to vacate the property and if we are not advised in writing of any problems within the first 24 hours of your arrival whilst you are still on the premises, and a request for a meeting for a member of the Oceana Holidays staff to be present at the property so the relevant complaint reference number can be issued, then no further correspondence will be entered in to.

    Should you decide to vacate the property for a reason that has been covered in these terms and conditions and we find out its due to your own negligence in not asking us for the information prior to booking the accommodation then NO COMPENSATION OR REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED. In all cases you must follow the complaint procedure set in these terms and conditions and before you vacate give us the chance to show you up to three other properties, subject to availability, to move in to. Once you move out you have given up all rights of any refund what so ever. All refunds will be claimed from the Landlord of the property or his Manager/ Resort Representative and not from Holiday Footprints who is a marketing intermediate and will have already passed the payment over to the owner of the accommodation!

    Remember by sending payment you are bound and agreeing to all the terms and conditions set on this website.

    Bookings for less than 7 days

    In the special circumstances when a booking is under one week (7 days) and its been charged at a pro-rata daily rate please note payment will be required in full at the time of the booking. Payment must be made via a bank transfer.

    Once we have received the payment from you, your booking will become automatically confirmed. We will then send you confirmation via e-mail. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices of holidays in this website at any time; however, the price of the villa rentals are guaranteed & will not be subject to any price increase once confirmed.

    Any changes made by you once a booking is confirmed will be liable to an administration charge of 50.00GBP.

    Bounced Payments

    Please be advised any  payment transfers  that bounce will incur a charge of 100 GBP/Euros which will be added to the final balance of the holiday. This is an administration  fee for any faulty payment, inconvenience and to cover the banks costs on this default. . In all circumstances if this payment is not made by the time of the arrival to resort we hold the right to refuse entry to the accommodation!


    5. Cancellation

    5.1 All cancellations must be submitted to Holiday Footprints , in writing, either by e-mail, fax or post by the person who made the booking, and will only be effective from the date of receipt by us. You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance which covers cancellation.

    In all cases special yearly and other packages which have been paid upfront are non refundable accept in the case where we have cancelled our services then a refund will be made back to the client for whole months left remaining in credit .

    5.2 No payment refunds on cancellations at any time during the booking processes will be made. We recommend you take out full and adequate travel insurance to cover cancellations.

    5.2A – In the case where flight dates are changed either by airlines or for personal reasons etc  then the deposit /balance will be forfeited  ..please take out travel insurance for protections on such matters

    5.3 If we need to cancel or make major changes to your booking, we will notify you as soon as possible and a refund will be made for the cost of the accommodation only. If at any time during the booking process we decide the accommodation you have chosen has become unsatisfactory in condition or with reference to building work surrounding it we reserve the right to change to a villa or apartment in the same area and of the same value to that which you have booked. We promise to notify you as soon as it becomes apparent that your choice is not suitable due to whatever reason. Should alternative accommodation be found to the same standard and location then we will not be issuing a refund as we feel it’s within our rights to be honest with you and move you for your own comfort.

    5.4 The cost of the villa does not include any insurance whatsoever. You may be able to make a claim against your personal travel insurance if your reason for cancelling is covered by the policy you have taken. We regret we will not be responsible for any losses or expenses you suffer.

    5.5 Whilst we take every step to ensure the quietness and comfort of your chosen accommodation, please understand that this is a family resort and children can be noisy. Also there are situations where dogs may bark at certain times of the day. Of course when we take on a property we try very hard to view it at different times to ensure the peace and quiet of the surroundings but unexpected children and animal noises are out of our control. Therefore no compensation can be made for either of these circumstances.


    6. Cancelling your chosen accommodation due to circumstances beyond our control

    6.1 In the unfortunate circumstances beyond our control in the case whereby the owners have taken up residency in their property or have decided to rent it out long term here in Cyprus, OR INDEED THE PROPERTY BECOMES UNDER OFFER OR SOLD or not suitable for rental for whatever reasons therefore meaning we are unable to place you in your chosen accommodation – we will a provide at least ONE other similar property for the same price and of the same value but not necessarily in the same area although we will try very hard do this whenever possible. Please note in these circumstances we will only relocate people listed on your booking form — ie if you book a four bed villa and there are only six persons on the original booking confirmation then the offer villa will only accommodate the booking numbers on the form. If we haven’t been informed of extra persons we cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for any other persons not listed and will not therefore be responsible for extra expenses incurred for the relocation. Any additional persons have to be added as extra costs so please inform us immediately if the occupancy numbers change at any time!

    6.2 The alternative accommodation will be of same standing and will suit your requirements LISTED ON THE BOOKING FORM just as much as your first choice. If you decide not to take the alternative choices we will refund the total price of the accommodation within one month but will not take responsibility for air fares, expenses and any other costs involved as this would have been a situation beyond our control. Remember you are agreeing to these terms and conditions by making a payment. It is not the responsibility of Holiday Footprints to relocate extra numbers of persons not listed on the original booking form sent and no compensation can be sort for not informing us of extra numbers and/or the new accommodation not being large enough to accommodate extra persons not listed.

    7. Chosen accomodation sold during booking process

    7.1 Should any of the properties on this website be SOLD prior to the holiday being taken it is our immediate responsibility to find alternative accommodation to the same value or higher and also of the same quality but not necessarily in the same area although of course we will do our very best in such circumstances.

    7.2 If a property is sold or becomes under offer and the alternative accommodation is not satisfactory then all payments will be refunded back to the named leader booking the holiday.

    7.3 We accept no compensation in these circumstances for any for flights or any other costs already incurred at the time the property has been sold. It is not our intention to advertise properties that are up for sale but please understand sometimes this is out of our control.

    8. Transfer of Booking

    8.1 If you are prevented from travelling, you may transfer your booking to someone else providing that, (with exception to owners or agents who make bookings via us on behalf of their clients or themselves)

    You send a letter or email authorising us to make the transfer.

    8.2 The person you transfer your booking to must comply with all the terms of the existing booking.

    8.3 That the person must confirm to us that they accept the transfer and the terms of booking conditions.

    8.4 That person must take out their own personal travel insurance as recommended.

    8.5 We will charge £175GBP/ euros  per booking to cover the costs of processing your transfer and this will be added to the new confirmation, issued to that person.

    8.6 You will remain responsible for the payment of any balance should that person fail to pay it.



    BBQ cleaning

    This is not included in the price of any of our cleans and is always an extra at 30 GBP/Euros per clean. We have put notices in the welcome information files in the villas and a small notice on the walls opposite the BBQ situated in Clients villas that it’s the responsibility of the guest/owner to clean the BBQ after use – failing to do so will result in a invoice being charged to the last user. Also when the gas runs out please replace it ready for the next guest

    Welcome packs

    The prices are show on the website for welcome food packs. These must be ordered and paid for at the time of the booking together with any special requests.

    Mid term cleans

    These are not included in your booking unless specified and only if required so please arrange a quote prior to paying the final balance. We do not provide this free of charge and it needs to be quoted for and booked in 2 months prior to you stay. Please note also that the villas do not have spare linen for bed changes and fresh towels, so unless you book the mid term clean fresh laundry is not provided as standard, but the washing machine, iron and ironing board are all provided in the self catering villas on this website.

    Heated pool fees

    Upon request, and only at the time of the booking, the heated pool facility is an extra cost – contact us for more details. (Please note the maximum temperature is in all cases 30 degrees). This is then added to your booking confirmation and is payable with the rest of the booking. As the fuel is ordered well in advance any cancellation of this extra requirement in non refundable and in all circumstances where the pool is at a natural temperature of 30 degrees the pool heater will not be applied and no refund can be made.

    Please note the price of fuel greatly fluctuates in the Med  and the fee paid for the pool at the market rate will be used for the gas / fuel at the time of purchase prior to your visit to supply and fill the tank. The tank will be started upon the meet and greet of your arrival and take a minimum of a few hours to be effective. Please note no profit whatsoever is made on this service and once the money received has been spent no refunds or compensation can be sort for the fuel running out prior to the holiday ending because depending on the weather situations the fuel will burn off at various temperatures and therefore a price cannot be pre allocated.

    For any queries or faults on the heated pool please contact us immediately by telephone to report any issues. We need to know so that we can rectify any problems as quickly as possible. No compensation whatsoever will be given for complaints about the heated pool upon your departure. We need to know whilst you are in residence and on resort not when you are about to leave or have gone home. All contact numbers can be found on the website and in information folders in the villas.

    If the heated pool goes technical prior to your arrival for any reason and cannot be fixed in time for your holiday a refund will be made to you for exactly the amount you paid for the fuel. A receipt will have been issued especially for the heated pool facility so this is the amount of the refund allocated.

    If the pool goes technical whilst you are on resort and you have made the service call to our numbers specified on the website to report this problem we will endeavour to do our very best to rectify and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

    However no compensation can be sort as this is out of our control as to how quickly the technician can visit the pool pump and if it can be fixed before your departure. Please in all cases ensure you phone to speak to us to we can take action immediately!!

    If its necessary to call out a heating engineer due to the boiler breaking down , should the problem be unresolved in the first instance by the pool technician, please be advised abroad  call outs do not happen immediately. Should the boiler engineer be unable to solve the problem during your vacation and its something more serious resulting in the pool being unable to be heated you will be offered alternative accommodation. If this is not taken then no compensation can be sort for the lack of heated pool as the break down is out of our control.

    Baby equipment hire

    The baby equipment is hired out by a company we use  in good faith and its up to the guest to double check the safety of the cots, high chairs and pram before use as no compensation can be entered in to and Holiday Footprints is not responsible for any accidents relating to the hire of the equipment as its the guests total responsibility to check the hire equipment over before use. Also … Should the equipment be damaged in any way during the hire period then the replacement cost, new for old, will be deducted without question from the damage deposit unless a fault report has been omitted within 12 hours of arrival into the premises.


    It is unlikely that we will make any changes to your travel arrangements, however we start planning arrangements many months in advance. Occasionally we may have to make changes and correct errors on the website and other details both before and after the bookings have been confirmed. Where applicable further down.

    In the event of minor alterations, we will do our best to notify you before you travel.

    If a significant change or cancellation has to be made to your holiday arrangements we will notify you as subject to availability. If the villa alternative is of a lower price than that originally booked, we will pay you the difference or cancel your booking completely, in which case we will refund you all monies paid by you, to Holiday Footprints only.



    In the rare event of a complaint regarding the villa or its amenities whilst you are in resort, please contact us as your representative abroad immediately. The telephone number will be made available to you on arrival at your villa. When visited by a member of staff regarding your complaint please request a special reference number which will be given by our representative on site which then must be used for future correspondence.

    It is your responsibility to ask for this report number as in all cases any complaints without it when made on the return to the UK will be invalid. If you have any reason to complain on resort do so immediately otherwise we can do nothing about the problem. Any issues not reported same day will be void and no compensation can be sought. Any complaint made on resort will be therefore be logged and the guest will need to sign it off once they are happy with the outcome.

    If no report has been filed then we take no responsibility whatsoever in any circumstances as we need to advised immediately in order to put right any issues or maintenance problems on resort. We will do our utmost to correct any faults asap and ensure you have a peaceful holiday.

    Please also be warned the countries abroad  still have some  water issues and please be aware that sometimes the mains water can be disconnected without notice. We take no responsibility or give out any compensation for any issues regarding water problems on site. We will call a plumber who will come same or next day but he cannot help if the municipality has cut the water supply off.

    Its the guests total responsibility to acknowledge distances to the nearest beaches or towns from the description on the website. This distances are approximate but enough to advise of driving or walking distances that are necessary to reach the required nearest beach or shops/town.  Holiday Footprints  takes no responsibility for guest who arrive at a villa without organising transport and find the nearest beach or shops are not easily  walkable. The bus service abroad can be very unreliable and no compensation can be sort for the lack of a regular time table being adhered to!

    Party Size

    Everyone occupying the property must be listed on the booking form, including small children. The accommodations cannot be shared or sub-let and only the persons shown on the booking form are permitted to stay in the property.

    Persons under 18 years of age are not acceptable unless accompanied by parents or responsible adults. Holiday Footprints reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not met.

    Failure to comply will render the booking void and no compensation will be paid. Full occupancy for the 3 bed villas are limited to 6 persons unless otherwise agreed with us in writing.

    Force Majeure

    As with any other holiday, there may be circumstances completely beyond our control and contemplation, in which the property might not be available for your booking. Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) destruction of or severe damage to the property. Such circumstances are referred to as Force Majeure.

    In the event of Force Majeure the owners will do their best to make alternative arrangements for you where possible. If they cannot, or if the alternative arrangements are not acceptable to you, then they will refund all monies paid.

    This will be the full extent of Holiday Footprints liability to you in such circumstances, and they shall not be responsible for any other costs connected with any such cancellation, howsoever arising.


    Owners Access

    The staff of Holiday Footprints or the management company shall be allowed access at any reasonable time during your stay and also shall be allowed access at anytime in the event of an emergency.

    Safety precautions

    Special attention must be paid to the following

    Glass doors: Due to the bright sunlight patio doors can be easily mistaken as open and therefore be walked into, some homes will not have stickers on them so it is strongly recommended to be careful and to make sure children do not run in and out of them.

    Marble floors: These can become VERY slippery when wet so please be extra careful when returning in from the pool area and keep the floor dry as much as possible.

    Pool areas: Please be careful around the pool area, floors are slippery and an accident can easily happen if care is not taken. Do not leave children unattended in the pool and read and observe the pool rules and restrictions.

    It is recommended that you have suitable insurance to cover for all the above.

    Other Conditions

    Transport to and from the airport is NOT included in the price of the property. This can be arranged by us at a cost.

    Air conditioning is charged at 5/6 Euros per unit per day unless its pre arranged to be included in your holiday price.

    All properties are cleaned on turnaround. Additional cleaning can be arranged for an extra charge, please see representative on site.

    The villa will be available from 4pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. We regret we are unable to offer an earlier check in or later check out time due to fast turnaround and housekeeping schedules. Any delay on leaving the villa by 10am will result in a 35GBP/ euro charge for each extra hour and be taken from your deposit.

    Your acceptance

    You now understand and acknowledge that if you visit the website, you are entering into an agreement with us and that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not send holiday payments.



    Oceana Holidays can accept NO LIABILITY whatsoever for any loss, personal injury or death, which happen to guests or their visitors in the garden, pool or inside the villa/apartment, regardless of however incurred. Insurances must be taken out to cover any misfortunate accidents or injuries by both visitors and guests.

    Whilst we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and take every care and precaution in choosing the properties, photographs and accuracy of all information provided, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever. All details are representative and for guidance only.


    Thank you for choosing Holiday Footprints .

    We look forward to seeing you in resort.



    By transferring payment the Guest agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the LANDLORD and AGENT from, and against, any and all liability, loss, injury, expense, court case, civil action, law suit, lawyers fee or claims from any personal injury, or any damage whatsoever that arise as a result of the occupation and residence of premises advertised on Holidayfootprints website/ and or as a result of recklessness or negligence or failure to take due care
    Please note that for health and safety reasons children must be supervised at all times on the holiday rental premises
    The owners/managers/agents will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries
    sustained whatsoever whilst ocupying the holiday accommodation advertised on Holidayfooptrints website.


    Every care has been taken in compiling the contents of this web site. All information on Holiday Footprints has been provided and reproduced in good faith. We will not be held liable for any errors, omissions, misunderstandings or claims arising from the advertising as its produced as a general guideline only.

    All bookings that are made via or direct through Holiday Footprints and any matters arising from them are subject to the Law of Cyprus/Spain  and to the exclusive jurisdiction law courts of the Republic of Cyprus/Spain

    We can only publish adverts in good faith as we don’t own, OR manage any of the properties. We advise you to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions.